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Mode d'Emploi

Created in 2014, the easily moveable furniture Mode d’Emploi enables you to combine a workstation and many accessories with all your IT equipment, as well as excellent lighting and good storage capacity, within a limited space.

This furniture, which has been designed for companies that encourage their employees to work at home, is well suited to commercial applications as an additional workstation. It is also suitable for hotel and training applications.

  • Designer Thomas Bouton

    "Mode d’Emploi" range

    Originally from Bordeaux, Thomas Bouton has a background in fine arts and industrial design, graduating from ENSAD in Paris in 1999. From 2000, he carried out agency work as an integrated designer for some years, before setting up his own independent design business, Incido.

    In the manner of a submarine, the symbol of his studio, discrete but effective, Thomas likes to dive deep into a project, for a clearer understanding of the needs and expectations and, if possible, create surprises, by doing away with preconceived notions.

    His vision of design goes far beyond style and is primarily strategic since it aims for technical innovations, new uses to reflect societal and typological changes and the latest design trends. His background in fine art, preceding that in design, explains his unique use of symbols, design codes or features.

    With his passion for volume and objects, his interest in craft expertise and industrial processes and his aim to understand brands, design has enabled him to reconcile creativity and practicality, to influence living environments and areas. With this in mind, he was eager to work together with JEC on new creations.

    His motto: "Why put up with what doesn't suit you, when you can create and produce something you want and meets your needs".

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