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Jamais 203

Also created in 2014, Jamais 203 was born in the same way as all Jec solutions: through the observation of people’s working methods. With a strong focus on design and functionality, Jamais 203 enables you to change your mind as you please, with no constraints. 

This modular cabinet, which offers the possibility of having two or three drawers, or even more for desk-height cabinets, provides a solution that facilitates and rationalises the daily life of all company employees.”

  • Patrick Mirgaine is a passionate man! Passionate in general, and particularly passionate about his work. Since 1998, Patrick Mirgaine, surrounded by his team at his agency, Archimade, has used all his expertise and skills to serve both business and private customers: from design to production, he creates functional and aesthetic working and living areas that are built to age gracefully, unaffected by fashions and passing trends.

    And when Patrick Mirgaine and Jec meet, what do they talk about? Furniture, of course! Beautiful furniture, iconic furniture, the furniture of the future, the furniture Jec plans to create and the furniture that Patrick hasn't just designed but has already made an initial prototype of: impressive. This is how the Jamais 203 drawer unit was created: it's an adaptable unit, which perfectly meets your needs, anytime, anyhow.

    "I'm delighted to see how a partnership can suddenly show its true worth," says Patrick, and Jec must be overjoyed: the Jamais 203 box is here to stay!

    New design
  • 690x422x762
    4T et 2T+DS et 2DS
  • 690x422x542
    4T et 2T+DS et 2DS
  • 535x422x762
    3T et 1T+DS
  • 535x422x542
    3T et 1T+DS
  • 535x322x542
    3T et 1T+DS

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