Comme Une Evidence (en)

Comme Une Évidence

True to its roots, Comme Une Evidence is the upgraded version of the Jclassic, Jcolor, Jdécor and other products in the Jnomade range. This indestructible cabinet with synchronized vertical opening has spread its wings in 2015 to take on more architectural dimensions, including full 1600 width.

Inside, the cabinet now houses the Ne Pas Déranger range's secure locker, and the back of the cabinet has become a useful and informative space thanks to the Voir Au Dos range.

  • Charles and Ray Eames? No. Pagnon and Pelhaître? Nope. Ashref Chichini and Kamel Fakhfakh? Of course not. It can't be Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Or Salto & Sigsgaard. It's the Sinoir-Dudu duo, Jean-Paul Sinoir and Ludovic Dudu!

    Sinoir-Dudu are Jec's solution to our self-imposed challenge of creating three new products per year. This team is both highly creative and highly technical. We are very proud of them, and rightly so, but of course they're not total angels: each has a strong personality, and neither likes to compromise.

    Their physical differences are as pronounced as the differences in their thinking, but their strength, our strength, is in their complementarity. This was a lucky strike for Jec. These two combine speed and endurance, active resistance and passive resistance, logic and utopia, which makes for a positive atmosphere in our design office.

    For those who wish to know more, Jean-Paul is quicker to smile, Ludovic slower to laugh, but naturally they have been known to reverse their roles.

    Sinoir et Dudu
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  • 1980x1000x450
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  • 1680x1200x450
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  • 1680x400x450
  • 1380x1600x450
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  • 1380x1200x450
  • 1380x1200x550
  • 1380x1000x450
  • 1380x1000x550
  • 1380x800x450
  • 1380x600x450
  • 1380x400x450
  • 1080x1600x450
  • 1080x1400x450
  • 1080x1200x450
  • 1080x1200x550
  • 1080x1000x450
  • 1080x800x450
  • 1080x600x450
  • 1080x400x450
  • 720x1600x450
  • 720x1400x450
  • 720x1200x450
  • 720x1000x450
  • 720x800x450
  • 720x600x450
  • 720x400x450

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Rideaux Couleur

  • Grille handle
  • Recessed handle
  • Poignée ligne

  • Shelf
  • Vertical separator
  • Display unit
  • Tubeset
  • Lock
  • Telescopic frame
  • Choice of portfolio holder
  • Multipurpose tray
  • Tablet consultation
  • Anti-tilt system