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A Huis Clos Collégial

A Huis Clos Collégial, constitue l’offre multi portes de la gamme A Huis Clos.  Une réponse de proximité pour retrouver l’espace nécessaire et protecteur de notre vie quotidienne, du courrier à recevoir, au bagage cabine, en passant par tous les types de casques adaptés aux déplacements urbains.

Au Sens Large

Our third creation of 2014, Au Sens Large reinvents a classic tambour cabinet with a single-tambour door. This cabinet has an unequalled capacity in linear metres and an original design which allows room for adjustment, in width as well as in depth.

These characteristically Jec features include three optional backings, of which one acoustic. The range is easy to install, even after initial installation of the cabinet. An offer we plan to extend to all Jec products.

Au Sens Strict

De la famille d’Au Sens Large, Au Sens Strict reprend le mono-rideau très apprécié maintenant chez Jec. Et pour répondre à la querelle dossier suspendu versus classeur, digne d’un derby Lyon/Saint-Etienne, Jec a conçu ce nouveau rangement, ultra fin. Par cette conception innovante, Au Sens Strict permet d’intégrer, dans une hauteur de 720 mm, 2 niveaux de classeurs et  dans celle de 1080 mm, 3 niveaux, une performance jusqu’ici réservée aux meubles en bois. Comme quoi, l’acier robuste, recyclable, au potentiel calorifique facilitateur, est une solution d’avenir.

Comme Une Douce Évidence

Comme Une Douce Evidence, the lightweight cabinet with its easily-recognisable rounded angles, continues to combine quality design, rich finishes and customisation, as well as unique characteristics for fitting out your office environments.

Comme Une Douce Evidence, like all new Jec products, really sets itself apart thanks to its great fresh cross-range features for 2015, Ne Pas Déranger and Voir Au Dos.

Comme Une Évidence

True to its roots, Comme Une Evidence is the upgraded version of the Jclassic, Jcolor, Jdécor and other products in the Jnomade range. This indestructible cabinet with synchronized vertical opening has spread its wings in 2015 to take on more architectural dimensions, including full 1600 width.

Inside, the cabinet now houses the Ne Pas Déranger range's secure locker, and the back of the cabinet has become a useful and informative space thanks to the Voir Au Dos range.

En Pleine Charge

L’une des nombreuses spécificités de Jec est de savoir fabriquer des meubles déplaçables, vraiment déplaçables en charge. Encore fallait-il que cette possibilité, simple pour des professionnels soit aussi facilement accessible. Avec En Pleine Charge, grâce à un plateau de chargement surbaissé, logé entre de fortes roulettes, l’opération devient évidente. Et pour qu’elle le soit sans limite, la poignée de préhension se place indifféremment à droite ou à gauche. Enfin En Pleine Charge bénéficie de toute l’offre coloristique Jec.



There is a choice for shelving! Besides the very practical industrial shelving not manufactured by JEC, shelving is also available for tertiary workspaces. With this product, which is a frequently neglected part of the range, JEC has again decided to go for quality.

However, colour is also a feature, with our entire colour chart obviously being available for Jaccess. The boldness of colour can change everything.

Jamais 203

Also created in 2014, Jamais 203 was born in the same way as all Jec solutions: through the observation of people’s working methods. With a strong focus on design and functionality, Jamais 203 enables you to change your mind as you please, with no constraints. 

This modular cabinet, which offers the possibility of having two or three drawers, or even more for desk-height cabinets, provides a solution that facilitates and rationalises the daily life of all company employees.”

Jeu De Palet

Vous connaissez tous Lego, Kapla, Meccano ! Jeu De Palet, créé par Eric lombard, participe à cette idée, qu’avec quelques composants particulièrement bien conçus, l’imagination est sans limite. D’un côté cube ou parallélépipède rectangle, à la vaste colorimétrie, aux fonctionnalités évolutives, de l’autre, le Palet, un aimant bi-directionnel, spécifiquement développé pour ce projet.


JEC's sliding door range. To a particularly rigid chest, JEC adds silent sliding and soft close doorsAn ideal solution for those who wish to retain the convenience of the roller-shutter cabinet and the visual appeal of swing door cabinets.

Due to the wealth of door finishes, including metal, sublimation or laminate and also a soundproofing function, Jslide can be your partner in your interior design.


With its soft lines, Jsmooth boxes are technical down to the tiniest detail. Featuring a chest with soft angles, selective drawer front panels, profiled slides, ensuring cleanliness and durability, Jsmooth boxes will be a popular choice.

Finally, an array of accessories and the option of a magnetic cushion made of the latest fabrics, add a touch of flair to Smooth.


Ne Pas Déranger

By watching how people go about their work, as well as delving into the wealth of experience shared with us by our partners, we created the Ne Pas Déranger range in 2015, giving you the chance to regain a little privacy in a collaborative world, fitting into a familiar environment.

Ne Pas Déranger is a cross-range solution that lets users keep their personal belongings totally secure and at close hand at all times.

Mode d'Emploi

Created in 2014, the easily moveable furniture Mode d’Emploi enables you to combine a workstation and many accessories with all your IT equipment, as well as excellent lighting and good storage capacity, within a limited space.

This furniture, which has been designed for companies that encourage their employees to work at home, is well suited to commercial applications as an additional workstation. It is also suitable for hotel and training applications.

Rue Sainte Anastase

It would be unseemly for us to present Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Meeting him is sufficiently awe-inspiring to leave us in no doubt as to his well-deserved reputation. Emotions collide, a whole host of pictures follow each in quick succession, and memories rise to the surface. Jean-Michel Wilmotte's furniture is anything but a minor art form, and could even be said to be a subject in its own right. Yet despite all that…

Simple Bon Sens

Simple Bon Sens comme son nom l’indique. Pourquoi compliquer le travail des architectes, des acheteurs, des services généraux, des utilisateurs ? Pourquoi ne pas pouvoir changer d’avis ? Comme pour Jamais 203, Jec a imaginé une solution de simple bon sens, pour rendre ce mobilier réversible, sans pièce à perdre, sans outil, sans effort. A tout moment, ce meuble se rend accessible par son côté droit ou son côté gauche autant qu’il sera nécessaire. Tout en gardant les codes Jec, le rideau bien connu, une façade douce et une toute nouvelle poignée sourire.


Voir Au Dos

In 2015, Jec took an unused and therefore wasted area and invented Voir Au Dos, which makes the back of absolutely all of our cabinets really, really useful, with a design that taps into previously unfulfilled potential. An extra little something for fitters and designers.

Voir Au Dos is an individual or shared vertical work surface that's always available, always ready to be modulated and adapted to meet changing circumstances. 


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