About us

  • Based in the Lyon region in France since it was founded in 1922 by the Chassagne family (the C in JEC), the business has always worked with metal, particularly steel.

    Very quickly, its core business became storage, filing in general, cabinets in particular and, from 1938, roller-shutter cabinets. This family affair, between the father Jules and son Edouard, definitively took the name JEC in 1953. Always on the look-out for innovation, the Chassagne family, continued to pull surprises out of the bag with, in 1972, the synchronous vertical roller-shutter cabinet.

    In 2015, even though the Chassagne family is no longer at the helm, the company's values continue to inspire respect, with quality, innovation and design representing vital factors in our future. Is JEC a manufacturer "Made In France"? Without a doubt!

    A manufacturer "Made in France"

  • JEC's history started with people and this still the case. Committed men and women, all conscientiously contributions their work, knowledge and experience, with honesty and pride.

    Ours is a true SME, with around sixty people, a good mix of generations, ensuring a transfer of skills. We are also fortunate to have remained in the same region since our beginnings and to have many members of the same family devoting their career to the company. Anonymity is not experienced at Jec, no one is a number, they are all personalities and sometime very strong ones at that!

    Despite the clear industrial nature of JEC's business, we have succeeded in retaining a strong human impact in the company's day-to-day life, in the production of our furniture, it is clear to see: we value these precious resources.

    Human resources

  • A long tradition, spanning over 90 years, is valuable.

    First of all, steel is a particularly interesting raw material. Along with its well-known qualities such as strength and durability, it offers others which are well-suited to contemporary requirements. Completely recyclable, non-flammable (perfect for high-rise and public buildings), this material and our expertise enable us to offer a 10-year warranty on your furniture, at the top of the range in the market.

    Due to our expertise, we can optimize the use of this material. Does current equipment meet your needs and our needs? Yes …but we are looking to the future. The investment programs selected based on an ongoing increase in supply, the reactivity required to meet clear expectations are the keystone of our attentiveness to your needs. French manufacturers need to be convincing without being overbearing.

    Know-how and...

  • A good design department will be attentive to the needs of others. For this reason, the design department has two major roles which we continually support in terms of talent and tools.

    A design role to develop Jec ranges meeting quality, innovation and design requirements. This enables us to offer original solutions for the various types of usual storage units, roller-shutter cabinets, swing door cabinets, sliding door cabinets, invent others and reflect work places and methods such as open plan, team work areas, management offices, remote working or home office layouts.

    Its role is also to embody your ideas and meet your specifications: the JEC factory is yours. There is a detailed discussion between professionals about what can and can't be done, what could be simpler or safer, guaranteeing that your project will be a success.

    A design departement at your service